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We value our customers and therefore their needs are of highest importance to us. While we are providing a wide range of services, we made an attempt to ease the service selection process on our customers and sorted them into three major categories. Please select the category you are interested in, in order to proceed to the relevant section.

Software Development

Any programming language, any platform (Windows, Linux, OS X, embedded systems) depending on your needs. Let us bring our vast experience in software development and increase your efficiency with our innovation.

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Reverse Engineering

The perception of reverse engineering is often like that of stealing someone else's work, which, in the vast majority of cases, is not true. Dissection of malicious software and patching/re-implementing legacy code are only a few aspects of the legal application of reverse engineering.

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IP Protection

Proprietary algorithms, sensitive places in the code, copyrighted resources - these are all examples of intellectual property requiring protection. IP protection is not an optional service but a necessity in the modern reality of IP theft and software piracy.

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White box cryptography is what we had in mind when we initiated the HAZE project. At the end, it developed into a fully-fledged obfuscation engine. HAZE itself is a virtual machine, which provides multiple levels of obfuscation and anti-debugging protection.

HAZE is out!

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Our Mission

The mission of Bitmazing Corporation is to help our clients in advancing technological progress and innovation in the field of software development and protection of intellectual property implemented in a form of executable code.

Modus Operandi

Unlike many other consulting companies (especially offshore ones) we do not act as if we were an HR company linking between the client and a relevant freelancer. Although this may have worked (after all, it does work for others), it would have significantly lowered the level of our services. We have been hearing a lot about the frustration such a disrespectful approach may cause the clients. Especially when changing assigned teams in the middle of a project occurs.

We conduct our business in a different manner. As our clients are our most precious asset, we value their time and convenience, meaning that each client liaises with a dedicated project manager, who is responsible for the whole consulting/development cycle.

It is none the less worth mentioning, that we provide our services regardless of the size of the client's company, as our primary concern is what client needs, rather than, how big or known the company is.

The last but not the least - the only two concerns of ours are the needs of our customers and privacy thereof.

Contact information

We like to keep things simple for our clients, therefore we invite you to use our contact form instead of selecting an email address in accordance with your needs.

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